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Ameru Financial Limited - Specialising in quantitative financial analysis

Ameru Financial provides high-quality analysis with an eye to maximise your bottom line.

Our breadth of business experience, obtained not only on the sell side (structuring, advisory, quantitative strategy) but also on the buy side (actuarial consulting) and excellent academic credentials, enables us to satisfy the analytical needs of distinct clients when they require expert solutions to real world financial problems involving among other:

  • the utilisation of derivatives or other financial instruments in an ALM or yield enhancement context.

  • the examination of the benefits and risks of quantitative trading strategies.  

  • the resolution of hedging optimisation challenges.
  • the calibration of risk appetite.
  • the comprehension of XVA counterparty charges.
  • the incorporation of Basel 3, Solvency 2 or other regulatory capital regime.
  • the optimisation of interest paid on CASA deposits.
  • the examination of the effects of non-normality when defining yield enhancement and risk management strategies.
  • the specification of stress testing factors for risk management purposes.

Target clients include banks , corporates , life insurers and pension funds .

If you do believe you do have a challenging financial problem that requires high-quality analytical input please contact us !!!

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